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18 August: The moon floats into her home sign of Cancer and emotions come to the surface. It's good to acknowledge your feelings, but don't go overboard with the shouting and the crying. The moon is looking for tissues. And ice cream.

about carien

I discovered astrology in the early eighties when I was at university and fervently wished that I could study that instead of what I was (B.A. Communication). After university I became an advertising copywriter. I truly enjoyed my career, but always kept dabbling in my first love, astrology. In 2001 I did a course with the MetaStudies Institute and finally became a ‘real’ astrologer. Oh happy day. Lately, I have become more interested in the role astrology plays in the lives of animals and I now also offer specialised pet charts.

I live in Onrus in the Overstrand area of the Western Cape in South Africa where I spend my days studying the heavens and playing with my dogs.

Only R175


Consider that a birth chart analyses every aspect of your personality – that’s equivalent to many months on
a shrink’s couch. Bargain, darlings, bargain.

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If you’d like to see me in person for a reading or have any questions please call me or send an email

Phone +27 83 658 5527
E-mail carien@overstrandastrology.co.za

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